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Hydromassage Table


Relax as you are exfoliated from head to toe followed by application of MoorSpa Seaweed or MoorSpa Mud for  detoxification, pain relief, and inch loss. Choose the Hydromassage Table or The Far InfraRed Jade Stone Massage Bed to continue your 90 minutes of total relaxation. A Spa favorite. Give this gift to MOM or to yourself for only $299


Now it is easy to have your Day at The Spa just the way you like it. Just choose from the list below..  $399


______Relaxation _______Rejuvenation ________Detox

WARM UP(Choose One)

_______Hydromassage session with Anti Aging Hand Treatment

_______Hydromassage session with Keratin Hand Treatment

_______Hydromassage session with Keratin Foot Treatment


_______Heated Shiatsu Jade Stone Massage Bed Session

_______Infrared Blanket session

_______Grounding/Meditation session


______MoorSpa Mud Body Wrap

______MoorSpa Seaweed Body Wrap

______Totally You Body Wrap

Refresh and Glow(Choose One)

_______The Opera LED Face Treatment

_______The Microcurrent Face Lift

_______The Ultrasonic Face Treatment 

The Perfect Finish

______Whole Body Vibration session

The Duchess Meghan Retreat

This ROYAL indulgence is fit for a QUEEN. Start her day with a MAGNIFICENT Shiatsu session. Far Infra Red Jade Stones massage her from head to toe while a Precious Jade Healing Pad keeps her comfy warm. This is followed by a STATELY Lavender paraffin hand treatment and Soothing Hydromassage session and a SUPERIOR luxurious and slimming Body Wrap in The InfraRed Blanket.

She will know what a NOBLE woman she truly is to you as she relaxes in a plush Spa robe and slippers and enjoys the serene and scenic surroundings while receiving a Whole Body Vibration session.  The day will come to a close with The ARISTOCRATIC Pomegranate Face Treatment....Created by our award-winning Facial Instructor, this treatment is done with steamy hot lavender towels, Ultrasonic, 24K Gold Lifting Mask, and the Gua Sha facial session. A Wellness Spa Moisturizer WORTHY of her LADYSHIP will be selected and applied to her face, neck, and shoulders.....  Cucumber Hydrating Spray and Advanced Shades with SPF 30 offer optimal photo protection and help prevent premature aging. She will keep looking MAJESTIC long after her afternoon Tea. SPECIAL $499

Emerge Transformed

Relax in this Hawaiian Seaweed Body wrap as the inches seem to melt away. This amazing treatment uses a Cellulite Activating Cream and Hawaiian Seaweed in the Far Infra Red Blanket to help minimize the appearance of cellulite, skin imperfections and water retention. Seaweed is the best detoxifier. The Shiatsu session helps decrease stress and minimize toxins.  The amazing face treatment will help lift and tighten sagging skin, help even pigmentation, and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It also will give you a “feeling of wellbeing”.  This package has quickly become a spa favorite. SPECIAL$359

 The "Aging With Grace" at The Spa

Indulge and escape with our holistic rituals designed to heal body, mind, and spirit...Relax the hands, relax the feet, relax the face and the body will follow. Inspired by a Spa experience in New Mexico…this treatment is the ultimate escape. Warm, lavender scented eye pads cleanse and relax the eye area…followed by an organic green tea cleanse and raspberry exfoliation to the face, neck and décolleté. Warm Far Infra Red Stones then massage the face and neck muscles before a warm mud mask is applied. Precious stones are then placed on the face. The hands, arms, feet and calves are massaged with warm stones, detoxified and moisturized with Redrock clay and green silts from Romania, and wrapped in hot lavender towels. Your experience is finished with a deep kneading to the shoulders and an application of a Wellness Spa moisturizer  and cool marine stones to invigorate and refresh the facial skin. Thirsty skin feels hydrated and silky smooth. We add a few extra minutes to the treatment for you to relax and return from this heavenly retreat. Includes Slimming Hydrating and Detoxifying Lavender Herbal Body Wrap  SPECIAL$499

 Find Your Path...

Travel fatigue and daily stress can cause us to lose our way ...Find your path as you enter our VIP Spa will change into a luxurious Spa Robe and Slippers and sip a Chakra Balancing Tea. Your Hands are scrubbed with Lavender Sea Salts from the Dead Sea and dipped in French Lavender Paraffin for a renewing experience. You are escorted to the Hydromassage table for a water massage to your neck and shoulders or a session on the pain and stress relieving Shiatsu Far Infra Red Jade Stone Massage Bed.

You are then wrapped and cocooned in the Slimming Lavender Herbal Body Wrap or the Moor Spa Seaweed Body Wrap in the Health Environmental Capsule with soothing music, vibratory massage, and aromatherapy for total relaxation and detoxification. When you emerge from your Body Wrap you will experience one of our Award Winning face Treatments. Find your path as you nap under the amazing OPERA LED light therapie mask and enjoy the benefits of the RENEW Face Treatment. $369   SPECIAL $399

The Essence of Spa

Luxuriate...Tonight you will sleep the whole night...experience the essence of calm...the essence of spa...make room for quiet refuge for reflection...comprehend the beautiful ...remove the clutter of daily is possible. The day begins with a relaxing herbal refreshment …you will be escorted into the Spa room and offered a plush robe and slippers…this is your outfit for the day…the Lavender Hand Luxury and Raw Earth Foot treatment follow and a relaxing session on the Hydromassage Table... The Heated Shiatsu Far Infra Red Massage Bed will instill deep relaxation, enhance wellness, and help balance Chi energy... You will be amazed by our Deep Sea Body Detox that simultaneously detoxes, slims, remineralizes, and hydrates the body  while relaxing in the Health Environmental Capsule. Your day will end with the  OPERa LED light therapie Face Mask Treatment plus the Organic Green Tea Face treatment "the one to die for." It was created by our award-winning Facial Instructor and is done with cold Jade stone rollers and warm Gua Sha stones and a green tea mask from the Dead Sea....An application of Advanced Shades will keep you looking radiant all day long…You will be asking to spend more days at The Spa.  SPECIAL $499


"Take A Deep Breath"

Inhale the surroundings...and exhale stress...the air, like the view, is centering, invigorating...let the pressures of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow evaporate...savor an escape in a place where only the moment matters. Come, take a deep breath, find your'll feel great. You will be escorted into the Spa Suite where you are offered a refreshing and relaxing beverage. You will enjoy the finest aromatherapies for deep relaxation, detoxification, cleansing, and pain relief while experiencing the amazing Heated Shiatsu Massage Bed.. You will choose from the following: the Slimming, Hydrating, Detoxifying, Lavender Herbal Body Wrap, the pain relieving MoorSpa Mud Body Wrap, or the Mineral Rich Hawaiian Seaweed Body Wrap that will detoxify and distress.  You will look and feel amazing.  While you relax on the Grounded Beauty earthing mat you will enjoy the OPERA LED Light Therapie Mask Vita C Face Treatment and  your choice of the Organic Green Tea or the  Sweet Cherry Cheesecake Face Treatment which will provide total relaxation and a radiant glow to the skin. You will be cocooned in blankets. Your neck and shoulders will be massaged. Your face will be cleansed, exfoliated, and revitalized. A mask will be chosen that will reveal a complexion that is bright and youthful. You will love the Lavender Hand Luxury which will nourish and hydrate. You will feel gorgeous from forearm to  fingertip. The Raw Earth Foot treatment will deeply hydrate and exfoliate. Your feet will feel refreshed and have a natural healthy glow. You will receive an Elegant Eye Mask to take home.   2-3 hours  SPECIAL $599

“All equipment in Spa Packages is Medical Grade assuring you a uniform quality Spa Treatment. We do not offer traditional ‘Hands On” massage.”

All parties of 3 or more of any of the Spa Packages must be prepaid and will be charged 20% gratuity. No refunds on prepaid. 48 hours notice needed to reschedule

Prices and Spa Package menu subject to change without notice.

Email request(s) for additional information on specials OR call 405.330.8488