Preparation For The Brazilian Waxing

How Exactly Is This Style Of Waxing Different From A Bikini Line Or Bikini Full Waxing?

First of all, these types of waxing are similar in that their general focus is on areas around your private region. However, what makes them different results from the amount of hair or areas that are waxed. The bikini line wax focuses on hairs around the bikini region that are likely to be visible or appear when you wear your bikini. This includes hairs on the sides of the bikini line and those between the pubic bone and the belly button. Taking this a step further is the bikini full waxing which includes everywhere from the bikini line wax plus removal of hair from the pubic bone area just above your privates. You can decide to leave some hair either normal, v-shaped, square-shaped. 왁싱 

On the other hand, the more intense form of hair removal is the Brazilian wax. In this case, all the hair in and around your privates is removed. Hairs underneath and close to (and around) the anus are also removed.

Now that we know a little history and what Brazilian waxing is, I’ll be going into a more interesting part of this article which concerns how to prepare for the beauty treatment, activities that happen during and after each treatment. General questions will also be answered and then I’ll give you my final take on the waxing method.

Being aware of what you are getting yourself into guides you through the entire procedure and makes you get the best results

Preparation For The Brazilian Waxing

If you have been shaving all your life, it will feel so strange readying yourself for something other than that. Talk more of having to grow the hairs and having them pulled out. But yes you have to prepare so that the process yields the best result. The first and probably the most important of them is that; you will have to grow your pubic hair till it is a quarter-inch which (depending on the speed of your hair growth) could last for a couple of weeks. At this time you might feel uncomfortable but it is normal since it is your very first time. But this first step is important so that the wax can have a better grip on the hairs while removing them. There are also other activities that you can perform before your appointment at the salon. They include:

  • Carry out gentle exfoliation by using a washcloth or buffing mitt some days before your appointment at the salon. This will help prevent ingrown hairs in the areas.
  • For at least 24 hours before your appointment, do not tan. This will help the skin be a bit less sensitive and not cause much discomfort to you.
  • As much as possible, avoid taking caffeine or alcohol on the d-day before your appointment time. These drinks can cause your skin pores to tighten more, making the waxing process more painful.
  • Wear loose or breathable clothing (like cotton underwear) to your appointment. This should help you feel more comfortable before the waxing.
  • Take some pain-reliever tablets (especially the one recommended to you by the salon) about 30 minutes before the waxing begins. This will help reduce the pain you will feel.
  • Be at the salon early enough before the procedure so that you can make use of the bathroom if need be. This will help you avoid wanting to urinate during the waxing process.