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The  24K Gold LIFTING Facial

You will melt into another layer of luxury. This face treatment begins with a warm Champagne Foaming Cleanse and is followed by our Pore Refining Pumpkin mask... This will greatly improve the skin texture. Then our Ester C serum is applied. This" youth serum: allows cells to recover their vitality from years earlier with continued use. The amazing 24K Gold Lifting Mask works it’s magic while a “feeling of well being” enhances the experience.. Followed by The  Microcurrent RN Lift., this treatment will lift and contour the jawline and aid drooping eyelids by sculpting cheekbones and relieving puffiness and increasing circulation. This treatment may rejuvenate facial muscles, increase cellular functioning, improve skin tone and texture and increase circulation as well as collagen production. This Spa experience ends with the 24K Gold wrinkle-filling treatment complete with a diamond complex that will give skin a smoother, younger appearance and a radiant glow.  $299

The “Freshen" Up Facial

With the use of cutting edge esthetic equipment, in just 30 minutes you’ll leave feeling fresh and vibrant. Through effective yet gentle exfoliation using the ultra sonic scrubber, the soft enzyme peel, the hydrating mask, and the Opera LED low level light therapie, we will reveal fresh clean skin.

The Kansa Face massager will penetrate nutrients into the skin while the chilled Derma Globes will close pores leaving you looking vibrant and ready to make it a great day! Does not include extractions...$199



This facial is about pore refinement and skin exfoliation. The Blueberry Enzyme, with its 1% glycolic/1% salicylic will dissolve keratinized skin and oil Impurities and toxins are then drawn out of the  skin with the Charcoal Refining Mask that will leave your skin purified and nourished. The Charcoal Refining is formulated with anti-microbial, skin detoxifying and pore cleansing ingredients that clarify and purify skin while aiding in the absorption of excess oil and impurities. The appearance of pore size is dramatically reduced and skin is left clear and healthy. This soft gray souffle clay will certainly leave skin looking clearer and healthier, thanks to the natural plant extracts.  $199 



Strawberries and green tea are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory capability for a perfect anti aging treatment that will create a healthy glow. Strawberries are high in niacin and when applied topically act as a vasodilator  to increase circulation. Niacin plays an important role in an exchange of toxins and it enhances oxygenation due to increased circulation. As part of  that circulation it will create a healthy glow to the skin.  The Strawberry Enzyme contains lactic acid and hibiscus flower. hibiscus flower creates a gentle exfoliation that softens the skin and has an impressive moisturizing effect. Followed by the soothing effect of Vanilla Bean aromas with this anti-aging, hydrating and firming summer facial. Limited Availability $199

Facials for Cancer patients

Since your skin is especially dry and fragile during chemotherapy and radiation, and your stress levels are up, a facial is just the thing to bring you some much needed moisturization and relaxation-and to help promote your healing.

We use only organic/safe products on your skin. The gentle treatment you receive will help your skin deal with the drugs and stress. We avoid any harsh treatments and focus on hydrating facials for dry and sensitive skin. The facial massage will help relieve tension around your face, especially in the jaw area. You may find it not only relieves stress, but opens up your sinuses, relieves headaches, and relaxes your neck and shoulders..One hour only $99

The Kansa Wand Face Massage

 Reduces stress and provides a gentle face lifting therapy. Using a

bronze-capped massage wand and organic natural massage oils....provides

 a warm, relaxing, and comfortable sensation...pulls acidity from the tissues

...improves the body's natural electrical balancing system...

Revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles...Gently lifts facial skin.....

Reduces face pain, head pain, and tension. Reduces acidity...Detoxifying

Unifies body, mind, and spirit. Added to any face treatment

Limited Availability ONLY $149

Holistic Age Defying Cupping for Face, Neck, & Decoletage

Targets Lines & Wrinkles* Headaches* Sinus Congestion

Improves Facial Contours* Collagen & Elasticity

Helps product absorption & nutrient delivery to skin

Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage(detox)

Reduces puffiness...soooooo relaxing!

About 30-45 minutes $199

Limited availability 

Opera LED LIGHT THERAPIE  Galvanic Regeneration FACE MASQUE

This world renowned mask is not only a low-level light therapy LED facial masque that utilizes 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck, it also incorporates the use of galvanic currents to further enhance results, plus the option of nutrient filled hydrogel masks.

Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and texturing.

Evens out skin tone: Fading freckles, skin spots, age spots

Skin healing and sun damage and acne scarring

Combating the signs of aging

nourishing the dermal and deeper lying epidermal cells

speeding up the healing process

does not include extractions

30-45 minutes $299 


Revita-Lift Age Reversal Facial

Move over acid peels!

There's a revolutionary "YOUTH INFUSION" facial in town!

You can now get the best skin possible with the RevitaPen AND a luxurious LED session, all in one treatment!

This is the first non-acid peel in the skin care industry that creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production.                     $299

Paired with the DERMAPLANE exfoliation treatment, this facial delivers smooth hydrated and glowing skin. You will see significant plumping to fine lines and deep lines.                           $399

Add Microcurrent to tighten, tone, open eyes, reverse sagging neck $489

Ultra Sonic Face Treatment

"The One Every body's Talking About!"

  • Helps Stimulate Collagen
  • Helps Soften Wrinkles
  • Helps Tighten and Repair
  • Helps Remove Sun Damage

This treatment exfoliates, drives hydrating nutrients into the skin, and helps erase wrinkles! Men and Women love it...Great results at any age! Good for all skin types. 
    Why Edmond women do not look 30 until they are 50.

Does not include EXTRACTIONS, OPERA LED light therapie, or Microcurrent face treatment.

                                                                                                                             ONLY $149

The Dermaplane Facial

This fabulous treatment is just a very simple physical or mechanical method of exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin cells and give your face a brighter complexion, and since it removes some vellus hairs( the baby-fine hairs on your face),it can make the skin feel smoother.
Dermaplaning is perfect for rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpig­mentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles.
 Does not include extractions or deep pore cleaning.
 The treatment results in a more refined, smooth, “glowing” appearance.
  ONLY $249..


 Limited Edition: Sweet Cherry Cheesecake Facial

This summer favorite is now available in the treatment room!  Our Sweet Cherry Cheesecake Facial features a cherry fruit enzyme that contains the potent lightening ingredients lactic acid, kojic and arbutin as well as the gentle exfoliant mandelic acid. Antioxidants are infused into the skin diminishing the surface signs of aging.  The skin is then treated with a vanilla bean mask to hydrate, firm and improve skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, this facial will leave the skin both nourished and luminous. $149


Wild berry Bliss Facial

Awaken your complexion with this wildly refreshing facial!  A medley of blueberry fruit enzymes and skin loving acids erase dead, dull skin cells revealing a your most radiant complexion yet. Impurities and toxins are then drawn out of the skin with a kaolin clay mask that will leave your skin purified and nourished.  This facial is for anti-aging, normal/combo, oily and skin in need of brightening. $149



THE ULTIMATE Blueberry Facial


Skin Conditions: Anti-aging, normal/combo and oily skin, acneic, teenage skin, skin in need of brightening.

The Blueberry Enzyme is a powerful antioxidant with 1% glycolic and 1% salicylic. It digests dead skin cells and softens sebum during your facial.  The antioxidants within the blueberries are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow. $199..(.does not include extractions)

Opera LED Light Therapie Mask Lift PLUS

This Amazing treatment is a favorite among serious Spa-goers. The Combination of The  LED Vita C Light Therapie Mask, The Microcurrent Face Lift, and The Ultra Sonic Face Treatment will enhance your appearance with beautiful, younger looking skin. In a little more than an hour you will feel wonderful and look refreshed. This face treatment gives you a radiant glow, reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines and evens out skin pigmentation while it tightens and tones. You will confidently face the world appearing rejuvenated and as young as you feel. A “most asked for” gift for that special person in your life 

                                                  ONLY   $389 

                                    PLUS Dermalaning   $489

                                    PLUS Revitapen      $589                                   

Champagne and Green Tea Facial

A luxurious Champagne and Green Tea Facial combines the hydrating, exfoliating, and anti-oxidant properties of Champagne oil and grapes and the revitalizing and rejuvenating anti-aging properties of Green Tea. The face is cleansed with Champagne Foaming Facial Cleanser that contains grape derived antioxidants as well as green tea extract to soothe redness. The Champagne Facial Mask removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and helps to fade age spots due to over exposure to the sun. You will look and feel BEAUTIFUL!  $199

ADD the Opera LED low level light therapie mask for a total of $249

 The  Wrinkle Blaster Face Treatment

The Wrinkle Blaster Face treatment is an age-specific face treatment that begins with Green Tea Cleanser. The application of Enzyme according to skin type and condition will help loosen the glue that holds the dead skin cells as well as firm. Vitamin C and Green Tea Serum layered with Vanilla Clove Hydrating Masque or Goji Berry and Yogurt Masque will help to hydrate and rebuild the skin and improve the skin’s elasticity by stimulating cellular regeneration. Warm towels that follow aid in hydrating and restoring skin back to a smooth, youthful texture. The Anti Wrinkle Face Treatment with Seaweed or Green Tea will tighten and tone the facial contour, open the eyes, and start erasing those wrinkles. The LED light Therapie Mask session provides photo rejuvenation at all levels of the skin to even skin tone and texture. Vitamin C is applied to strengthen the capillaries and defend your skin against daily environmental stress. Moisture is locked in to bring back baby soft skin as Jade Stones are rolled over the contour the face, neck, and around eyes. Advanced Shades protects your skin from the Oklahoma sunshine and gives you an all day moisturizing treatment. You will love your skin! ONLY $299 

Chocolate & Champagne Face Treatment

A Favorite...the face is cleansed with Chocolate Milk Cleanser and exfoliated with Revitalizing Exfoliating Scrub …..polishing the skin. Chocolate Revitalizing Masque is then painted on the face, neck and décolleté adding Vitamins and nutrients to the skin….Cooling Hydrogel eye pads are place over the eyes. Champagne & Roses Butter Cream is applied to shoulders, arms, and décolleté and massaged with Far Infra Red Stones. Face and scalp are massaged to revitalize the skin and relax the muscles.

Our Cucumber Toner then balances the skin. Cool Blue Globes massage the face and neck. A layer of Vita C and Green Tea Serum,  our Hydrating Moisturizer, and lip plump will add to your Heavenly experience. $249

 Micro Current RN Face Lift

"They have just discovered this in Hollywood. The Wellness Spa has been doing it for 13 years." Microcurrent treatment is known to enhance the contours of the face by lifting and contouring the jawline and drooping eyelids, and by sculpting the cheekbones while relieving puffiness and increasing circulation. It is used to rejuvenate facial muscles, increase cellular functioning, improve skin tone and texture, and increase circulation as well as collagen production. $199



The Turbo-Lift Face Treatment

Microcurrent for people on the go. This super charged lift gives you immediate improvement. Twice the impact of the amazing MicroCurrent Face Lift. Micro Current is the only Spa treatment proven to affect facial muscles. If you are over 30 you need this. Men love it too. Opens the eyes, chisels the jaw, improves the neckline. Builds collagen. $249 

Hot Chocolate Meltaway Face Treatment

The Chocolate Meltaway face treatment has been a Spa Favorite for 18 years and will leave you feeling warm and cuddly inside and out. The treatment features a facial complete with a Chocolate Milk Cleanser and Chocolate Revitalizing Masque and culminates with a moisturizing treatment of Chocolate Butter Cream applied to shoulders, arms, and décolleté and massaged with Far Infra Red Stones. Face and scalp are massaged to revitalize the skin and relax the muscles. "Meltaway" as warm and cool stones massage away your stress. $199 value  $159

Teen Facial

Give teens something to smile about...great skin!

The teen years can be tough, but there is something that can help teens feel positive about themselves. A teen facial can prevent breakouts before they happen. Even better, this simple gift will last a lifetime! It promotes great skincare hygiene and habits early, and it also protects young skin from environmental damage. This speciaized facial for youthful skin begins with a thorough skin analysis, consultation, and deep poor cleansing. Next, a dynamic enzyme treatment with steam digests surface debris. After the skin has been cleansed and balanced, the facial continues with a soothing mask. The experience wraps up with the application of a moisturizer. Great birthday gift!  $199

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