Mom2Be Treatments

The Wellness Spa offers a carefully tailored program of safe, effective and wonderfully relaxing treatments that are designed to meet the MOM2BE’s needs at each stage of her pregnancy. These specialized treatments focus on preventing the appearance of stretch marks, restoring the elasticity of the skin, reducing water retention, easing the discomfort to aching legs rebalancing pigmentation and soothing complexion problems.

Coconut Lime Organic Tan

A ONE HOUR VACATION with beautiful results.

This luxurious treatment begins with a gentle yet effective enzyme exfoliation, revealing smoother and softer skin. A rich Coconut Lime cream is applied to hands, feet, and body to hydrate and ensure even color before the Organic Tan cream is lightly massaged into the skin. This hour long treatment leaves your skin absolutely glowing with a beautiful, healthy “tan”. Read more on Riann’s Room

Includes take home travel kit $99
2nd application for even darker results add $49

MOM2BE Package

Indulge her with the ultimate pampering package. She will be offered our Chanakara Balancing Tea or choice of beverage and escorted into the Spa Suite. Her dress for the day will be a luxurious Chelour robe and slippers. She will escape in the soothing Spa music and aromatherapy as she receives her Paraffin Hand Treatment and Raw Earth Foot Treatment. The Hydromassage session will relax her body and reduce muscle spasm. She will glow after her Maternity Face Treatment and Far Infrared Stones to neck and shoulders. This Spa Package makes a wonderful shower gift.


Add bodywrap for a total cost of $289

MOM2BE Face Treatment

Allow our RN/Esthetician to help you achieve that maternal “glow” with a facial that addresses the unique skin needs of expectant moms. In addition to a customized facial, let us pamper you with massage to your hands, arms, neck, and shoulders.

30- 40 minutes $129

Add a foot and leg treatment designed to rejuvenate tired muscles, increase circulation and decrease swelling 25-30 minutes for a total of $189

MOM2BE Baby Bump Facial

A hydration treatment for your belly bump. This wonderfully relaxing treatment begins with a citrus infused belly scrub followed by a warm application of Pre Natal Mask to firm the skin and hydrate the belly, sides and lower back. After the mask is removed with lavender infused towels, an application of rich stretch mark butter is gently massaged into the skin. We recommend at home treatment care to assist in the reduction of stretch marks and keep skin resilient, allowing it to expand without the irritation of itching and dryness.


Added to any MOM2BE package for an additional  $79

MOM2BE Bodywrap

A hydrating and firming treatment that aids in skin cell regeneration. The gentle comfort of this full body Pre Natal Body Mask leaves skin smooth and toned. This soothing treatment helps with puffiness, back and body aches, and eases the discomfort of “itchy, stretchy skin”


MOM2BE Restoring Face Wrap. This treatment incorporates Spanish sea mud to help restore tone to puffy skin, draining excess fluids and giving tired skin a lift. Add to any MOM2BE package for an additional $79

MOM2BE Neck, Shoulder and Scalp Massage

This inspirational therapy uses a special blend of aromatherapy and hot stones. Specialized positioning is used to ensure the ultimate in safety, comfort and relaxation.
This wonderfully relaxing treatment helps to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders while easing the mind and uplifting the spirit. $99

The foot and leg treatment designed to rejuvenate tired muscles, increase circulation and decrease swelling may be added for a total of $159

Hydromassage Table

A Wellness Spa favorite: pregnant, unable to lie on stomach, claustrophobic, great for back, neck, shoulders

Add to any MOM2BE package for an additional $49

MOM2BE Pregnancy Glow

This treatment brings to you the healing properties of The Dead Sea. Salt crystals calm the body while easing aches and pains, ultimately giving your whole body a rejuvenating sense of well-being. After salt is removed with lavender infused towels, a rich hydrating butter is applied and scalp, neck and shoulders are gently massaged with hot stones.


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