Men’s Treatments

Body Wraps for Men

Men will truly appreciate the toxin-cleansing and size loss benefits of Body Wraps from The Wellness Spa. Aloe vera penetrates the protein wall that surrounds fat cells and attacks the toxins within. Dispersing these fat cells results in a noticeable size loss.

Even though the size-loss results are evident, it’s equally important to understand that size-loss is not a loss of muscle-or definition. The inch loss occurs only where body fat exists. Men and women alike can particularly appreciate that body wrapping takes off size in the areas that you just can’t exercise it away! The Rib area, and the notorious “love handles” can be dealt with in a series of body wraps or just one wrap. Aside from thinning, body wraps hydrate and help to define muscle.

The Turbo-Twin Fat Burner Body Wrap

This wrap is designed to target “hard fat/resistant fat areas” such as troublesome thighs, hips, challenging under arms, pudgy waistlines or other areas. These are no match for this innovative double wrapping system. During this procedure you are wrapped in an enzyme rich product that helps to break down fat. After 30 minutes, we unwrap you and then wrap you again in an Herbal solution for 30 minutes which will help to remove toxins. You can lose 6 to 30 inches with this Turbo Twin Fat Burner Body Wrap. Unwrap your new figure for only


For a limited time we are offering the “Deluxe Fat Burner Body Wrap to Go” a $119 value only $29 with your Turbo Twin Body Wrap

If you are in the military you will receive a FREE “Deluxe Fat Burner Body Wrap to Go” as a THANK YOU from The Wellness Spa. Use this 2-3 days before you are taped. And Good Luck!

The Fat Burner Body Wrap

This treatment burns calories and gives you energy. Be prepared to clean your house or organize the office after this one!

Contour wrap from midriff to knees including arms $109

The Fat Burner PLUS Contour Wrap is from shoulders to feet  $139

The Fat Burner Body Wrap 2
This contour wrap is from midriff to knees. Even more powerful at slimming and treating cellulite. Three very effective  products are combined in this application. You will feel it working for you as you relax and enjoy your wrap.  $199

The Fat Burner 2 PLUS extends this wrap from shoulders to feet $239

Herbal Body Wrap

Our most popular Body Wrap for the last 10 years: Enzyme active Aloe Vera penetrates the toxin cleansing herbs down into fatty deposits and cellulite. There is a measurable difference immediately after the wrap, and you will continue to lose for the next three days! Average loss is 4 to 15 inches with each wrap! After the treatment, the size loss will be obvious. The skin is baby soft because the solution is only aloe vera and herbs. No dehydrating chemicals or salts. This is a great wrap to do in a series to take off dress sizes and weight!

Value $100 $89

Moor Spa Seaweed Body Wrap

Vital sea minerals mixed with Aloe Vera, this creamy body mask rejuvenates by re mineralizing and moisturizing the skin. This “super food” will help to DETOXIFY, REVITALIZE, FIRM, AND IMPROVE ELASTICITY OF SKIN. Seaweed also helps protect from environmental damage, assists in combating the natural aging process, and is excellent for helping repair sun damage. Includes application of Slimming Body Oil.


Moor Spa Mud Body Wrap

For a truly unforgettable European Spa experience, Moor Spa Mud from the Moors of Austria is an excellent treatment from head to toe. More than 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements are found in this natural mud. DETOXIFIES, REVITALIZES, AND REFRESHES THE BODY HELPING THE SKIN TO REGAIN SUPPLENESS AND ELASTICITY. Experience significant relief from aches and pains and amazing results in the reduction of fluid retention. Includes application of Muscle Ease Body Oil or Detox Body Oil for increased effectiveness



…He said, and we did… We begin with a Paraffin Hand treatment and AquaMassage, followed by a session on the heated Shiatsu Massage Bed…a Just for Men Body Wrap and Face Treatment….Refreshments in the Library in front of a fire….It doesn’t get better than this.


The Best First Impression Face Treatment

“My date is 10 years younger than me. Make me look great!” He said and we did.  This delicious relaxing and anti-aging facial treatment will leave skin feeling soft, hydrated, and youthful. The Champagne mask removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and helps to fade age spots due to over exposure to the sun. Lipids are restored. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased. The skin is firmed, lifted, and toned. She will say “Yes” to that second date!


Men’s Mini-Escape Package

Just for men, this relaxing treatment includes an AquaMassage, facial, and hand treatment. This mini-escape just for men is designed to improve skin’s texture, eliminate ashen skin, and give the face, neck and hands a healthy vital radiance. The escape begins with a hand scrub with his choice of a selection of anti-aging sea salt blends. Next, the hands are applied with a special formula and placed in warm aromatherapy mitts to help the ingredients absorb. AquaMassage to relieve tension is next as he melts into the soothing music. The face is then cleansed and toned to help reduce black heads and ingrown hairs, tighten pores, and soothe redness and irritation. A mask is chosen that will revitalize his skin tone and reveal a complexion that is bright and youthful. He will leave us thinking he has found The Fountain of Youth.


Ultra Sonic Face TreatmentExclusive

“The one Every body’s talking about!”
Stimulates collagen, softens wrinkles, tightens and repairs and removes sun damage.

This treatment exfoliates, drives hydrating nutrients into the skin and erases wrinkles This treatment gives exceptional results to Aging, Dry or Sun damaged Skin , Rosacea and Sensitive Skin, Acne skin and Blackheads.


The Amazing Face Treatment for Men

The Amazing Face Treatment is an age-specific face treatment that begins with a Nutra Peel gommage to plump and smooth flawed and photodamaged skin while hydrating and restoring it back to a smooth, youthful texture. It provides photo rejuvenation at all levels of the skin to even skin tone and texture with an impulse micro-current to tighten the facial contour and lifting procedures for the neckline. Then a transdermal topical infusion of Vitamin C is applied to strengthen the capillaries and defend your skin against daily environmental stress. Lipids lock in moisture and bring back baby soft skin.

We then continue the treatment with the Ultra Firming Marine to improve fine lines and firm the skin, while the Ultra Firming Neck and Chest lifts and enhances the neck and improves elasticity. Finally, you can choose from the Replenishing Sunblock SPF 36 to delay premature aging with a state-of–the-art formula that helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin or the Green Tea Sun Splash SPF 25 with antioxidant Green Tea and Vitamin E to protect from damaging UVA/UVB sun rays while leaving your skin feeling soft and protected.

Value over $400
Introductory price $199
Packages available.

The King of Siam

He’s the only man in your life who always took the time to make you look good…Now is your chance to show him how much he means to you…Start his day with a Paraffin Hand Treatment and a relaxing AquaMassage. A Vital Chi Skin Brushing is next followed by a luxurious Herbal Body Wrap. While he relaxes in a plush Spa robe and slippers and enjoys the serene and scenic surroundings, spa refreshments will be served in our private dining area. The day ends with his choice of face treatment which includes our award-winning Hot Stone Face Treatment, Ultrasonic Face Treatment and Lumière Face Lift. We may need to drive him home.


The Essence of Spa

Luxuriate…Tonight you will sleep the whole night…experience the essence of calm…the essence of spa…make room for quiet refuge for reflection…comprehend the beautiful …remove the clutter of daily life…it is possible. The day begins with a relaxing herbal refreshment KOPPLA…He is escorted into the Spa room and offered a plush robe and slippers…this is his outfit for the day…the Lavender Hand Luxury and Raw Earth Foot treatment follow and a relaxing session on the Hydromassage Table… The Heated Shiatsu Far Infra Red Massage Bed will instill deep relaxation, enhance wellness, and help balance Chi energy… He will be amazed by our Deep Sea Body Detox that simultaneously detoxes, slims, remineralizes, and hydrates the body  while relaxing in the Health Environmental Capsule. His day will end with afternoon refreshments and the Lumière Face Treatment plus the Organic Green Tea Face treatment “the one to die for.” It was created by our award-winning Facial Instructor and is done with hot and cold stones and a specialty green tea exfoliator and a green tea mask from the Dead Sea….An application of Eterna Bella will keep him looking radiant all day long…He’ll be asking to spend more days at The Spa.


“Take A Deep Breath”

Inhale the surroundings…and exhale stress…the air, like the view, is centering, invigorating…let the pressures of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow evaporate…savor an escape in a place where only the moment matters. Come, take a deep breath. Find your energy. You’ll feel great. You will be escorted into the Spa Suite where you are offered Koppla, a refreshing and relaxing beverage. You will enjoy the finest aromatherapies for deep relaxation, detoxification, cleansing, and pain relief while experiencing an amazing AquaMassage session and the Heated Shiastu Massage Bed. Next, you will love the Lavender Hand Luxury which will nourish and hydrate. You will feel handsome and glossy from forearm to fingertip. The Raw Earth Foot treatment will deeply hydrate and exfoliate. Your feet will feel refreshed and have a natural healthy glow. You will be served luscious strawberries (in season) or sliced apples and detoxifying Tea. Your choice of the Herbal, Moor Mud, Seaweed, or Sedona Mud Body Wrap and the Neroli body scrub will detoxify and de-stress, and your skin will look and feel amazing. The Lumière Face Treatment will provide total relaxation and a radiant glow to the skin. You will be cocooned in blankets. Your neck and shoulders will be massaged. Your face will be cleansed, exfoliated, and revitalized. A mask will be chosen that will reveal a complexion that is bright and youthful. You will receive a Spa Elegance Eye Pillow to take home.


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