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Just walking in the front door of The Wellness Spa is at once relaxing. Take a tour and try out our hydro-massage and environmental health capsule... you will be hooked. While using a combination of music therapy, aromatherapy, light and color therapy.

The Wellness Spa provides a variety of services, which will leave you with a perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Featured in "Day Spa" magazine

Featured in Day Spa Magazine

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Current Specials


Slimming Hydrating and Detoxifying Lavender Herbal Body Wrap

Lose inches, reduce fat, detoxify, and increase metabolism.
exclusive$169 Buy one get the second one half price

Ultra Sonic Face Treatment

"The One Every body's Talking About!"
Your skin never looked this good.
$149 Buy one get the second one half price

The Healing HideOut Hot Detox

The perfect 30-minute spa detox session!

$99 Buy one get the second one half price


The Slimming Capsule

exclusiveSlimming Capsule: Slimming Capsule combines heat, light, massage, and natural aromas for a powerful multi-sensory experience. The capsule provides the perfect environment to complement any exercise, fitness, personal training, or beauty regimen. Dry heat and radiant heat combine with LED light therapy to enhance the experience. Aromatherapy, vibratory massage, and cool facial air complete the pampering and relaxation. You will have full control of heat levels  and vibration throughout the duration of each session for maximum comfort.

$49 Buy one get the second one half price

Vineyard Grape Facial

Vinyard Grape FacialCelebrate springtime with a renewing Vineyard Grape Facial! The sweet-smelling Grape Enzyme looks and feels just like the inside of a grape. Grapes are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and offer anti-aging preventative benefits, while papain offers mild exfoliation.

The Goji Berry Mask will nourish and firm the skin resulting in a beautiful, healthy glow. For normal and sensitive skin. Safe for pregnant/nursing women.
$99 Wine & Dark Chocolate Facial


WINE and Dark Chocolate FACIAL

The mild exfoliation of Grape Wine is paired with DARK Chocolate to draw moisture to dry, flaky skin and the Vitamin E is an excellent anti-aging antioxidant.  $99




Moor Spa Mud Body Wrap Moor Spa Mud Body Wrap

A calorie free indulgence….Moor Mud,
referred to as the “skinny wrap” in Europe.
Detoxifies, revitalizes, and refreshes the body. Experience significant relief from aches, pains
and fluid retention. 

Tropical Coconut Facial

Tropical Coconute FacialTake “cool dip in the ocean" with this exotic facial. Coconut and papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy, soft skin. The small molecular structure of coconut allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture. Followed with a refreshing Seaweed Mask for a cooling and purifying effect- This tropical treatment finishes with cool,smooth dermal globes to further soothe the skin and awaken the mind.

Value $199
Special $99

The Wellness Spa Facial Wrap

Firm and tighten your face, chin, and neck with 100% natural mineral solution mini face lift. As we age, our skin begins to show the damage caused by sun exposure, environmental toxins, smoking, drinking, or too little sleep. The Wellness Spa Facial wrap is a completely natural non-surgical facial system that deeply cleanses and nourishes to rejuvenate and repair the skin. In Spa treatments are one hour and should be done every other day or every two days for the first week, then 1-2 times a week until goal is reached.

Individual Face Wraps are $99 or a packaged of three (3) for $237
OR add to any Body Wrap or Face Treatment for only $59.

Add Mini Microcurrent EyeLift for an additional $29
Add full Microcurrent Face Lift for an additional $49

THE Fat Burner Body Wrap


This treatment  burns calories and give you energy. Be prepared to clean your house or organize the office after this “back by popular demand”  body wrap!

Contour wrap from midriff to knees including arms $159
The FAT Burner PLUS Contour Wrap is from shoulders to feet  $199

THE Vita C Lumiere Light Therapie session

Emerge radiant with this shiny face treatment at the Spa.

This session begins with a Lavender Milk cleanser, which gently removes makeup and superficial dirt from face and neck and is followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation with micronized seaweed.

This product is rich in aromatic essences and botanicals to deep clean skin gently and help nourish and elasticize the skins surface. An application of renewing Vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid (recently nicknamed: “the key to the fountain of Youth”) to the face aids in hydration and moisture retention making the skin softer and more supple. You will be provided with eyewear to enhance your comfort during the 20 minute Multiwave or Lumière Light session that follows.


Vibratrim Session on the VT 400 (the winner of the “2011 Editor’s Choice Award”) with any package only $19.

Vibratrim VT400According to Vibratrim information, benefits may include the following: Improves Fitness... [ Read more on the Body Treatments page]

Build Your OwnBuild Your Own Day at the Spa

Now it's easy to have your Day at The Spa just the way you like it. Just choose from the list. Choices can be made the day you make your appointment. See your spa services choices...

Special $269
Add Anti Wrinkle Eye & Forehead to this package for $49


Heated Shiatsu Far Infra Red Hot Stone Massage Bed Session

A far infrared heat and subtle, but firm massage. Results in reduced toxins; increased circulation; joint and muscle pain relief; increased flexibility, and reduced stress and
fatigue. This Contempo Spa service promotes deep, restful sleep . $39

Add the Healing Pad 30 minute session for an additional $29

I Love Aloe and Clay Body Wrap

This body wrap is a spa treatment designed to hydrate the skin, tighten and tone the body, and relax and soothe the muscles. This body wrap can also help you shed inches off your waistline, tighten flabby skin, and detoxify your body. It is very relaxing and can be very effective. May be done on the Shiatsu or in the Vibrosaun.

Allow 45-60 minutes $249

The Heated Shiatsu Massage Bed

30 minute session $39  

Read more on the Body Treatment Page...

Spa products

Extensive Selection of Body Wraps!

Not all body wraps are the same! The Wellness Spa has the most extensive selection of body wraps to choose from, and a trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you. We can help you decide which single wrap or series would be best for you, depending on your goal. Whether you want to look and feel better, become more healthy, or even to ease chronic pain, we are here to help you reach your personal goal.

For a full selection of our body wraps, visit our Body Wraps page.


All equipment in Couple’s Retreats and Spa Packages is Medical Grade assuring you a uniform quality massage. We do not offer traditional ‘Hands On’ massage.