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Spend a day with us or even just an hour or will leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

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Featured in "Day Spa" magazine.

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Thank you for 17 years of loyalty to our spa. In May of 1999 The Wellness Spa began as Oklahoma's Premier RN Holistic  Day Spa and Contempo Spa. To this day just walking in the front

door of The Wellness Spa is at once relaxing. Take a tour and try out our Shiatsu Far Infra Red Jade Stone Massage Bed, our  Hydro-massage Table, and our Vibrasaun Health Environmental will be hooked. While using a combination of music therapy, aromatherapy, light and color therapy, The Wellness Spa provides a variety of services which will leave you with a perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit.

The Wellness Spa promotes WELLNESS. Detoxification and remineralization play a major role in staying healthy. We offer several Body Wraps  and body treatments that do so. The results? Clients report losing inches, looking better and feeling better. Our specially trained staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate program to help you in achieve your personal goals.

Relaxation also plays an important role in staying healthy and managing stress. Every item on our menu will give you a deeper level of relaxation, escape from the world, and help create a calming inner peace. Our treatments are provided in private, tranquil rooms, with calming meditative music, and serene, comforting surroundings.

Spend a day with us or even just an hour or will leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated... ready to take on the world once again. Become healthier and enjoy a better life.

"Give us your body for a day, we'll give you back your mind"

Since 2008, The Wellness Spa has sponsored Angel’s Spa. Founded in memory of my niece,   Angela "Angel" Scott, Angel’s Spa provides free therapeutic spa services to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy  and radiation. Each month we select a recipient for services based on letters and emails received from family and friends of patients. The body wraps and face treatments  provide relaxation  and give cancer patients a boost to their self esteem  and feeling of well being.

We have been personally touched by cancer, and  have a unique and specific understanding of the needs and interests of cancer patients and their families.


New Spa owners call or stop by for prices on equipment. We will be selling a Vibrasaun Health Environmental Capsule(Dry Sauna). Great deal on equipment to start or upgrade your business.

COMING SOON: Spa House Calls...Parties, Body Wraps, Face treatments, Hand and Foot your home! Call for details.

Featured in Day Spa Magazine