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Not all wraps are the same!

The Wellness Spa has the most extensive selection of body wraps to choose from, and a trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you. We can help you decide which single wrap or series would be best for you, depending on your goal. Whether you want to look and feel better, become more healthy, or even to ease chronic pain, we are here to help you reach your personal goal.

Ultra Detox Body Wrap

The Wellness Spa Ultra Detox Body Wrap was created for stressed, tired, or toxic individuals. This wrap can help alleviate many of the symptoms of a toxic body. Using this body wrap will promote recovery from illness, encourage detoxification, allow relaxation, assist in strengthening the immune system, and begin to restore energy to the body. This European Herbal Blend is applied and you are cocooned in a hypoallergenic blanket. The arms can be wrapped or left unwrapped to allow free movement. We can also apply collagen pads to the eyes to reduce the appearance of ‘bags’ or dark circles and to visibly tighten the skin around the eyes. Many clients regularly request this totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


The Slimming Thai White Clay Body Wrap

Thai white Clay or dinsawpong is a very powerful powder capable of absorbing up to 40 times its own weight in toxins. It is traditionally uses in Thailand to brighten and purify the skin. Nurture your skin and spirit with this treatment for the body and mind.  The Clay Mask draws toxins out of the body and produces inch loss and fat loss.

Benefits of the wrap Include:

  • Removes toxins & waste elements
  • Stimulates and balances the Immune system
  • Rejuvenate and energies the whole body
  • Promotes better circulation of Blood and Lymph Fluid
  • Accelerates weight loss and inch loss
  • Leaves the skin looking smooth and radiant

Body Wrap plus Hydromassage Session
Value  $348  Special  $239

Triple Inch Loss Collagen Body Wrap 

This NEW intense, extra-strength body wrap is better than any other. Our controlled Cryogenic Effect Concentrate from Spain gives maximum efficiency in slimming and firming. Our unique formula contains collagen and elastin to firm and tone, encouraging cell renewal and increased skin elasticity.  The marine algae formula increases capillary permeability and reduces fluid retention to promote inch loss. With triple the amount of collagen for skin firming, caffeine to increase metabolism, and amnipohylline- an ingredient that encourages the release of fatty tissue and shrinks the size of the cell, effectively reducing cellulite- you’ll be sure to lose triple the inches and leave with smoother, younger looking skin.


Package prices: 3/$649   6/$959   9/$1349

The “Sayonara Cellulite” Body Wrap

A Neroli  body scrub is followed by Cellulite activating crème that penetrates deep into the skin to help stimulate circulation and bring oxygenation and nourishment to sluggish tissue. Mineral-rich Hawaiian seaweed gel  helps detoxify and eliminate cellulite deposits as it tones the skin . A detox oil continues the process. Best done in series


The Wellness Spa Body Contour Wrap

Back by popular demand! For details, click here.


Package prices:

10% Package Savings

6/ $1009
15% Package Saving

12/ $1909
20% Package Savings

18/ $2679
25% Package Savings

Limited availability.

The Turbo-Twin Fat Burner Body Wrap

This wrap is designed to target “hard fat/resistant fat areas” such as troublesome thighs, hips, challenging under arms, pudgy waistlines or other areas. These are no match for this innovative double wrapping system. During this procedure you are wrapped in an enzyme rich product that helps to break down fat. After 30 minutes, we unwrap you and then wrap you again in an Herbal solution for 30 minutes which will help to remove toxins. You can lose 6 to 30 inches with this Turbo Twin Fat Burner Body Wrap. Unwrap your new figure for only


For a limited time we are offering the “Deluxe Fat Burner Body Wrap to Go” a $119 value only $29 with your Turbo Twin Body Wrap

If you are in the military you will receive a FREE “Deluxe Fat Burner Body Wrap to Go” as a THANK YOU from The Wellness Spa. Use this 2-3 days before you are taped. And Good Luck!

Slimming Hydrating and Detoxifying Lavender Herbal Body Wrap

Lose inches, reduce fat, detoxify, and increase metabolism. Men and women alike can particularly appreciate that body wrapping takes off size in the areas that you just can’t exercise it away! The Rib area and the notorious “love handles” can be dealt with a series of body wraps. Aside from thinning, body wraps hydrate and help to define muscle. This is a great first wrap.

The enzyme active Aloe Vera infused with Lavender essential oils will penetrate the toxin cleansing herbs down into fatty deposits and cellulite. There is a measurable difference immediately after the wrap, and you will continue to lose for the next three days! Average loss is 4 to 15 inches with each wrap! This body wrap may be done every 4-5 days. A series of 12 wraps most always results in a loss of 2 clothes sizes. This is a favorite wrap with our Military and often combined with the Fat Burner Body Wrap. You will feel invigorated and energized, as well as losing excess swelling and toxins.  A wonderful gift.

Spring and Summer Special $159

The Fat Burner Body Wrap

This treatment burns calories and gives you energy. Be prepared to clean your house or organize the office after this one!

Contour wrap from midriff to knees including arms $109

The Fat Burner PLUS Contour Wrap is from shoulders to feet  $139

The Fat Burner Body Wrap 2
This contour wrap is from midriff to knees. Even more powerful at slimming and treating cellulite. Three very effective  products are combined in this application. You will feel it working for you as you relax and enjoy your wrap.  $199

The Fat Burner 2 PLUS extends this wrap from shoulders to feet $239

Moor Spa Seaweed Body Wrap

Vital sea minerals mixed with Aloe Vera, this creamy body mask rejuvenates by re mineralizing and moisturizing the skin. This “super food” will help to DETOXIFY, REVITALIZE, FIRM, AND IMPROVE ELASTICITY OF SKIN. Seaweed also helps protect from environmental damage, assists in combating the natural aging process, and is excellent for helping repair sun damage. Includes application of Slimming Body Oil.


3/$259   6/$469   12/$869   18/$1199

I Love Aloe and Clay Body Wrap

This body wrap is a spa treatment designed to hydrate the skin, tighten and tone the body, and relax and soothe the muscles. This body wrap can also help you shed inches off your waistline, tighten flabby skin, and detoxify your body. It is very relaxing and can be very effective. May be done on the Shiatsu or in the Vibrosaun

Allow 45- 60 minutes $249 Fall Specia$139

Herbal Body Wrap

Our most popular Body Wrap for the last 10 years: Enzyme active Aloe Vera penetrates the toxin cleansing herbs down into fatty deposits and cellulite. There is a measurable difference immediately after the wrap, and you will continue to lose for the next three days! Average loss is 4 to 15 inches with each wrap! After the treatment, the size loss will be obvious. The skin is baby soft because the solution is only aloe vera and herbs. No dehydrating chemicals or salts. This is a great wrap to do in a series to take off dress sizes and weight!

Value $100 $89

3/$259   6/$469   12/$869   18/$1199

Moor Spa Mud Body Wrap

For a truly unforgettable European Spa experience, Moor Spa Mud from the Moors of Austria is an excellent treatment from head to toe. More than 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements are found in this natural mud. DETOXIFIES, REVITALIZES, AND REFRESHES THE BODY HELPING THE SKIN TO REGAIN SUPPLENESS AND ELASTICITY. Experience significant relief from aches and pains and amazing results in the reduction of fluid retention. Includes application of Muscle Ease Body Oil or Detox Body Oil for increased effectiveness


3/$259   6/$469   12/$869   18/$1199

The Slim ‘N’ Smooth Body Wrap

Reshapes and reconditions the silhouette:Lose up to 1/2 dress or pant size with each wrap. Restores elasticity to loose, sagging skin. Helps diminish cellulite. Contours problem areas of the body. Take home package helps to continue the contouring process on a daily basis.

For Limited Engagement

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