Body Treatments

Heated Shiatsu Massage Bed

Lie back as the 14 jade rollers traverse a full 60”
track to apply both Far-infrared heat and a subtle but
firm massage. Far-Infrared heat is a safe light energy that is absorbed
into the customized jade rollers. The heat penetrates up to 3” deep
into tired muscles to create a uniform warmth Shiatsu Massage Bed.

The results include reduced toxins in the body and increased circulation. You can also use the hand-held remote to target a specific area such as knee or wrist with still more heat. This unique, full-body therapy relieves joint and muscle pain, increases flexibility, reduces stress and fatigue, and promotes a deep, restful sleep. There’s simply no other full-body massage bed like this one.

30 minute session $39

AquaMassage XL Profiler and AquaMassage Spa Profiler

Aqua Massage Spa ProfilerAquaMassage is the massage industry’s newest advancement. It combines traditional therapeutic massage with water and heat therapy in a self-contained dry massage unit. In only 20 minutes of AquaMassage, you will experience the equivalent of a 1-hour, traditional hands-on massage.

While you relax in the AquaMassage, you will be able to fully customize your experience. You may adjust the force of the water and the direction of the jets to create the massage that is perfect for your needs. If a certain part of your body needs extra attention, you can ‘hold’ the water jets in place as long as you need, then release the jets for the remainder of your massage. Aqua Massage XL ProfilerYou will also enjoy aromatherapy and listen to relaxing music. An AquaMassage session before or after a body wrap can enhance its effectiveness, and a massage can be booked alone or in conjunction with other treatments such as hand and foot treatments and face treatments. You may even come in with a friend.

Imagine a 20-minute respite in the middle of a busy, hectic day, all while you remain clothed and dry in a private room!

10 minute session $29
20 minute session $39
30 minute session $49
60 minute session $69  

The AquaMassage XL will accommodate up to a 7′ person.

Wrap ‘N Nap

Combat dry skin with a nourishing aromatherapy moisturizing treatment. Your skin will feel smooth as silk all year long. Choose from different oils: skin repair, muscle ease, or body contouring.

30 minute session $59

Full Body Exfoliation

Body Wraps and Cellulite Treatments are more effective if performed after an exfoliation treatment with the Body Excel . The multiple-direction and abrasive effect of the special Body Excel exfoliation applicator is highly effective in stimulating blood circulation. Exfoliation loosens and removes dead skin cells while leaving the skin soft, supple and radiant. Body Excel exfoliation encourages the gentle removal of surface skin cells to promote a more youthful, glowing complexion.


Redefine your Body: Cellulite Reduction Endermatic System

Get extraordinary results with the vibratory endermatic system. Regain smooth healthy looking skin; diminish appearance of dimpling effect in just one treatment. Keep it smooth with weekly treatment.

Single Treatment $159

10% Package Savings

6/ $809
15% Package Saving

12/ $1529
20% Package Savings

18/ $2149
25% Package Savings

Limited availability.

Body Contour Treatment To Go

A combination of detoxifying and slimming oil and sculpting & toning cream designed to help contour the body by reducing the appearance of fatty deposits, excess water accumulation and elimination of toxins while increasing microcirculation to cellulite prone areas. $200 value

For Limited Time Special $99

Aromatherapy and Detox Hand/Foot Treatments

A wonderful aromatherapy experience, this treatment is ideal for renewal and maintenance of healthy skin. The hands and feet are exfoliated with Neroli granular scrub then placed in heated gloves and slippers filled with a hydrating paraffin blend infused with nourishing vitamins and minerals. For added warmth hands and feet are then covered with luxurious European cotton terrycloth mitts and booties. You may prefer to detoxify and moisturize the skin with our blend of redrock clay and green silts from Romania. This amazing treatment pulls toxins from skin and reduces swelling in hands and feet.

Lavender Foot Treatment $59
Lavender Hand Treatment $49
Detox Foot Treatment $59
Detox Hand Treatment $49

Hands and Feet Special: $89

Salt Glow

This treatment brings to you the healing properties of The Dead Sea. Salt crystals calm the body while easing aches and pains, ultimately giving your whole body a rejuvenating sense of well-being


Add Far Infra Red Hot stones on back, neck and shoulders $129

Vibrosaun Environmental Capsule

Features:: dry heat therapy, massage therapy, and soothing back heat.
Benefits:: weight loss, relaxation, metabolic stimulation, reduce water retention, soothe sore muscles, stress relief, burns calories, increases blood circulation, enhances deep sleep, cleanses and beautifies complexion. Packages available.

30 minute session $49

Hydromassage Table

Used to relax your body, reduce muscle spasms, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve neuromuscular problems. Stay fully clothed.

30 minute session $49


Calms traumatized tissue, inflammation, and edema to normalize body chemistry. Calms nerves, anxiety & worry. Accelerates repair of damaged cells. Evokes conscious insight into life’s challenges. Provides an overall body balance and integration.

Add to any treatment or package $39

Aromatherapy Bar

Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological, and spiritual realm of the individual’s response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual’s innate healing process. We have combined 90% oxygen with aromatherapy to provide the ultimate in relaxation. Menu for this month includes: Eucalyptus (refreshing & invigorating), Lavender(smooth & euphoric), Ginger(stimulating) , and Ylang Ylang(anti anxiety& relaxing)

20 minute session $20
30 minute session $30

Hand Spa

Intense LED Photo pulsation for more Photopulsation treatment at the Wellness Spayouthful looking hands
“When your hands look good, they feel good”

  • Photo Rejuvenation for the Hands
  • More Youthful Looking Hands
  • Smoother Hands
  • FDA approved amber light for treatment of pain

$50 value $39

Buy 1 session 5 weeks in a row and get the 6th treatment on the 6th week FREE (save $39)

Coconut Lime Organic Tan*

A ONE HOUR VACATION with beautiful results.

This luxurious treatment begins with a gentle yet effective enzyme exfoliation, revealing smoother and softer skin. A rich Coconut Lime cream is applied to hands, feet, and body to hydrate and ensure even color before the Organic Tan cream is lightly massaged into the skin. This hour long treatment leaves your skin absolutely glowing with a beautiful, healthy “tan”.

Includes take home travel kit $99
Next day application for even darker results $49

Also, receive discount on after care products on full size organic tan products with Coconut Lime Organic tan purchase.

* Organic tan is the safest method of achieving a golden tan without the risk of damaging the skin from over exposure to the sun. Organic tan is the only DHA free form of sunless tanning that does not produce nitrosamines on the skin. DHA’s monomeric form reacts with amines of the skin resulting in the formation of high levels of N-nitrosamines and its precursor TTA which are then absorbed into the blood circulation. These nitrosamines that are formed from traditional DHA (dihydrxyacetone) based self tanners have been linked to at least 4 different forms of cancer.

Organic Tan reacts with the amino acids in the outer layers of the skin creating a tan that looks as though it came from the sun. Organic Tan produces a red/brown color as opposed to a yellow color derived from DHA and will last longer; usually from 5-10 days depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Can be used safely during pregnancy and nursing.

Total Body Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment

May be added to any face or body treatment .Remove dead cells for healthy skin the natural way with our all-natural, gentle, no-mess fruit enzyme mask that deep cleans and conditions the skin. This mask cleans clogged pores and lifts impurities from the skin’s surface without harming healthy, vibrant skin. A safe and effective treatment designed to polish and even out the skin texture prior to any body treatments.

Added to any face or body treatment $49

Coconut Lime Glycolic Mask

“I love the aroma of Coconut Lime!” A combination peel that contains both Lactic and Glycolic Acids, it is a light skin treatment that gently penetrates the uppermost layer leaving softer, younger looking skin.


Added to any face or body treatment $49

Luminous Back Treatment

Treat your back as you would the skin on your face with this detoxifying treatment designed to target back & shoulder acne, even skin tone, and help maintain a healthy glowing complexion.

This treatment combines the beneficial effects of Enzymes, Moor Spa Mud, Ultra sonic, High Frequency, and Lumiere Light therapy. A take home kit is included to introduce you to products necessary for maintaining luminous results.

Single (Perfect for a special event) $139

Packages (Recommended for problematic skin)
3/$349 6/$659 12/$1239 18/$1749

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